April 28th / 1:00-3 PM


Education for Liberation

At its heart, Hip Hop is about strengthening our communities, fostering productive action, and deepening our humanity. Therefore, as part of E4L, we are hosting 5 community workshops designed to help us work at Hip Hop's heart. The workshops are free and open to all ages. Space is limited in each workshop.

Workshop #1: Navigating Hip Hop and Higher Ed

Facilitator: Mandolyn Wind Ludlum

As scholars who may be underrepresented, nontraditional, first generation college students, etc., higher education does not always feel welcoming or instill a sense of belonging. Yet, we are absolutely valuable, brilliant, and necessary for transforming and liberating educational spaces and our communities. In this workshop we will identify the intersections between ourselves, support systems, and the academy. We will then explore how we can use those intersections to navigate higher education while thriving. As part of that, we will talk about mentors, studying abroad, publishing research, graduate school, and the importance of self-care. The goal of this workshop is for all of us to walk out feeling affirmed, and in community, with a clearer sense of how to use our own intersections and support systems to navigate higher education and use education for liberation. 

Workshop #2: I Am the Change: Self-Care for Changemakers

Facilitators : Taraneh Sarrafzadeh & Rashmi Guttal 

Workshop #3: Songwriting for Beginners

Facilitators: Dr. Carla Becker, Mic Crenshaw, and DJ Rod Shields

Workshop #4: Active Citizenship

Facilitator: Jael "Wig" Myrick

Workshop #5: Defend Yourself: Creating your Own Social Justice Campaign

Facilitators: Aden Rodriguez & Katrina Figueroa

eRace is a student advocacy campaign designed to raise awareness regarding racial and ethnic issues; our goal is to create a Diversity Day engaging participants in dialogue exploring the social constructs of race. If there is an issue you feel passionate about, come to our workshop and gain the valuable tools necessary to create change of your own! During our workshop we will give you a step by step guide on how to start your own social action campaign. We will teach you about past student campaigns that started right here in San Jose State; their struggles and their successes. We want students to know that they really can make a difference!

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